Mission and Goals

Yang Gang Mission and Goals

Aiming to build the most diverse and inclusive team of Americans ever seen in US politics, each member of the Yang Gang is united by the vision of #HumanityFirst. By promoting the policies and vision of Andrew’s America, we intend to be the key to his election as President on November 3rd, 2020. 

In order to do that, we need to start and grow local teams throughout every state that will promote Andrew Yang not just online, but in-real-life. URL-to-IRL.

We want to take these policies to every front door in our neighborhoods, to every main street in our towns, to every market square in our counties and right up to the capitol steps in every state; then, we can take these policies right into the corridors of Washington D.C.

Path to the White House

To win the Democratic nomination, Andrew Yang must capture 50% of all delegates -- the rules for pledged delegates vary by state and each state has a different number of delegates. With the extremely high number of competitors in the Democratic race, we need to earn every delegate we can from every single Caucus and Primary. 

To win the Presidency, Andrew Yang must win the majority of electoral votes as determined by electors. Each state, except for Nebraska and Maine, pledges all of its electors to the winner of the  popular vote. The popular vote does not determine the presidency but in almost every state, we need to win its popular vote to earn the electors.

This is why every state and every locality matters.

It starts with you.

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Your Support and involvement is critical to getting Andrew into the White House. Andrew Yang and the Yang Gang accepts all people, the check boxes are to help organize and in no way excludes you. There is a place for everyone and everyone has something to offer. We are excited for your support and want to do the very best for Andrew. After all we all want a better world to live in and you are vital to help make that happen! 

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