Why Call Center Jobs Will Disappear

Photonics : Li=Fi

Light communication will progress the IoT

Jamie Dimon CEO of JPMorgan Chase = Fix Income Inequality

Negative income tax suggested by top banker CEO Jami Dimon. A guaranteed income level. Combine that with a VAT and some choice between means tested benefits or $1000 a month and you have something like a Freedom Dividend.

We have a problems and money in every citizens hands, each month, will help the problems.

The Rise of AI

In depth scale up to june 2018.

A easy going not so dystopian, and the concern of job displacement is still there. The emergence of man more integrated with machines. And uncertainty about what will happen next with so many machines operating.

Andrew Yang: “It’s time to go.”

Words of insight and inspiration

A renaissance — the coming end of human work

In 2014 Kevin Surace spoke about entering the Fourth Industrial Revolution and how our economic model will change.

The Coming Retirement Crisis Explained and Explored

Several metrics are converging to create a financial storm, explains Raoul Pal. The good news is there are a few ways through this storm.

A culture of startups, innovation, and crypto seem to offer life lines as we move forward.

Question is, will we innovate? Is there enough access to capital in the economy? How to get the money circulating in every everyday consumer hands?

Future of Food: What Happens Next?

The world as we know it is accelerating at speeds the world has never know.

The future is not tomorrow, the future is all around us. Here. Now.

Think a little harder, a little longer, follow that item on the shelf all the was back to its origin; likely somwhere with a screen with a drawing and spreadsheet displayed.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution | Full Version (Subtitled)

Produced by World Economic Forum

The Long-Term Jobs Killer Is Not China. It’s Automation.

“Over the long haul, clearly automation’s been much more important — it’s not even close,” said Lawrence Katz, an economics professor at Harvard who studies labor and technological change.

No candidate talked much about automation on the campaign trail. Technology is not as convenient a villain as China or Mexico, there is no clear way to stop it, and many of the technology companies are in the United States and benefit the country in many ways.


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