Me and Andrew Yang

Hello, I'm Brian Kitching, local business owner and techie and I want to do everything in my power to get Andrew Yang elected in 2020 and into the White House on January 20th, 2021. And I need your help!

I am the Eugene Yang Gang Primary Contact (YGPC).

I have been following Andrew Yang since I heard him on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast on Youtube. I was amazed when he discussed four proposals to the American people.

  1. Freedom Dividend
  2. Medicare for All
  3. Democracy Dollars
  4. Human Centered Capitalism

He also has over 105 policies on his website. His Freedom Dividend is something I have been studying for several years, commonly known as Universal Base Income or UBI.  The Freedom Dividend, giving every citizen 18 or older $1,000 per month until they expire, is the exact radical change needed to our out-dated, failing, and corrupt system of government and the way taxes are collected and distributed to the American people. Andrew Yang has done the MATH and we have the money. A Freedom Dividend is realistically possible, Alaska has paid out dividend since 1982, and the only reason such a proposal would fail for all of America is that we the people of this great country don't vote to give ourselves one.

Automation is the primary reason for such a radical implementation of a Freedom Dividend is needed. We all can see how fast technology is evolving and taking over simple repetitive manual labor jobs from building cars in factories, working and sorting products in Amazon fulfillment centers, to AI powered call centers around the world. Let's face it, the robots are here and they are only going to continue to be part of our daily lives. if you haven't yet read the overview of Andrew Yang's platform he is running on please check that out here. It's time to Make America Think Harder

Campaign Manager, Zach Graumann (left). Me (Center) Ian (Yang 2020 Staff)

I finally had the opportunity to briefly speak with Andrew Yang one-on-one in Portland Oregon on 7/13/2019, shake his hand and look into his eyes, it confirmed what I believed to be true: He is a genuine patriot of America truely believes in what he has been saying since the launch of his campaign on 11/6/2017. I believe he can win and that he will work tirelessly for you and me and the good of the U.S.A. and all of humanity.

We need to turn his amazing online campaign into an effective real-world-boots-on-the-ground campaign to get him into the White House

I encourage you to join the Yang Gang here in Eugene, Oregon to spread the SOLUTIONS that Andrew is offering the American people AND how he is going to pay for it.
Remember, It's Not Left, It's Not Right, It's Forward!

Thank you on behalf of Andrew Yang and all Americans

~Brian Kitching
EugeneYangGang Primary Contact

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